Michael Krzus

Executive Chairman, Technical Director

Mr. Michael Krzus brings 35 years of oil and gas industry experience, including senior executive management positions and directorships, which includes managing technical and business aspects of conventional and unconventional oil and gas assets, both onshore and offshore, and integrated liquified natural gas (LNG) projects in Australia, the United States, the Netherlands and Canada, including roles as CEO and Director of operating oil and gas companies.

Mr. Krzus was a director and the founding CEO of Emerald Oil Inc., a New York Stock Exchange listed; operating oil company focused on the Williston Basin, Bakken shale oil play in the USA and was CEO and Managing Director of Emerald Oil and Gas NL, an oil and gas company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Prior to this, Mr. Krzus held various managerial and executive positions during 22-year career with Woodside Petroleum Ltd. and Shell in Australia and the Netherlands, which he joined 3 years after he began working as a petroleum engineer with Home Oil Ltd in Canada.

Mr. Krzus holds a Diploma in Oil and Gas Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and a BSc. in Petroleum Engineering from Tulsa University.

Don Currie

CEO and Director

Mr. Donald Currie has been the Chairman and CEO of the Company since February 10, 2010, and a director since July 10, 2010.

Mr. Currie has over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry with a focus primarily in the southern United States. From 1994 to late 2014, Mr. Currie held various positions with Enhanced Oil Resources Inc., an oil and gas exploration and production company, including director, officer and VP corporate communications. Mr. Currie has also held various roles in other public ventures involved in the mining industry in South America.

David Stone

Director (Independent)

Mr. David Stone has been a Director of the Company since July 18, 2007. Mr. Stone is also the President of Minefill Services Inc. and has been since August 1999. Mr. Stone is an engineer with over 30 years of experience in the mining industry evaluating projects for mining companies. Mr. Stone has been a director of Boss Power Corp. since September 2007, a director of Southern Arc Minerals since July 2008, a director of Superior Mining International Corp. since May 2009 and a director of Electric Metals Inc. since May 2010.

Mr. Stone served as Director and CEO of Adanac Molybdenum Corporation from 2006 to 2008. Mr. Stone is a registered licensed professional engineer in several U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of British Columbia, a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Queens University, and an Executive Masters of Business Administration from Queens University.

Tom Milne

Director (Independent)

Mr. Tomas (Tom) Milne is a senior financial management executive with extensive international experience in energy E&P, pipelines, oilsands and communication technology. Career roles include: Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Investment Banker, Senior Partner (CA firm) and Foreign Exchange Trader. He has been a Director of both public and private companies including Chairman of the Audit Committee for an AMEX-listed oilsands company. He is currently Chairman and Director of Precise Details Inc (a family owned company) and also a Director of Canshale Corp (a private company).

Robert Lambert

Director (Independent)

Robert Lambert is currently Deputy Chairman of Jadestone Energy Inc. Mr. Lambert is also the Founder of Ipex Energy Ltd and a Partner in Oilfield Capital International LLP, both of which provide strategic, corporate and technical consulting services to a variety of upstream petroleum businesses. Previously, Mr. Lambert was Chief Executive Officer of Petra Petroleum Inc from 2011 to 2015, Senior Independent Director of Eland Oil & Gas PLC from 2012 to 2015 and CEO of GB Petroleum Ltd from 2005 to 2010. Prior to that time, Mr. Lambert held a variety of executive management and senior operational roles with Conoco Inc over a 25-year international career.